Cécile B. Evans and Yuri Pattison

December 10, 2016 to February 26, 2017
H.M.Klosterfelde Edition Berlin

In their first solo exhibition together, the artists take into consideration design couple Ray and Charles Eames' historical collaboration with IBM. The goal was to make technology seem accessible to the wider public and culminated in a pavilion for the 1964 World's Fair. Both Evans and Pattison have previously used copies of the Eames' furniture as elements within larger installations, here they focus on the re-development of three chairs as live sculptures to look beyond the mid-century aesthetic. They examine how mid-century ideals of a live-work relationship within a civil union, as well as with technology, has changed to now and imagine how it could transpire into the next.

Please contact Alfons Klosterfelde at office(at) for further information.

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Cécile B. Evans and Yuri Pattison
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H.M.Klosterfelde Edition Berlin
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